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Lip Balm: Not just for your lips!

Why is it so good???

It’s good for everything! Not only for your lips: it also moisturizes your facial skin, dry patches, wrinkles, sunburn; anywhere your skin needs love.

Essence. lip balm has only these natural ingredients:

Golden Jojoba Oil Bees wax

Essential oils (all organic)

What are all the ingredients of the other balms? Not sure exactly?

That’s a big worry, considering most of us slather our lip balm on our mouth, where it can easily be ingested.

If you’re concerned, have a look at the ingredients in your lip balm and choose products that aren’t full of complicated chemicals you don’t understand. If a lip balm causes any negative reaction, whether it’s soreness or increased dryness over time, swap to a different one – there are loads of options out there.

Or, get mine which has three natural ingredients and never any chemicals.


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