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The Idea Crucible

I had a great opportunity to write an article about my company, Essence. about my soap, aromatherapy, and massage therapy. The Idea Crucible

I've needed to go back to my beginning when I started this path.

It wasn't easy for me to write abut myself but my father, who is a working journalist, advised me to make it easy for anyone to read. This was a great tip from my dad.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Linda -san for this opportunity, Yuko-san for my Japanese translation to English and all the team members. Nothing would have happened without you.

It would be great if my experience became another way to reach out and connect in the world.

Ai of Essence.



自分で自分のことを書くのは簡単ではありませんでしたが、今も現役のジャーナリストである父は、誰でも簡単に読めるようにとアドバイスしてくれました。 これは父からの大きなヒントでした。




エッセンスドット 愛 

The Idea Crucible


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