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Essential Oil Blend 

Looking for something that feeds your soul, balances your emotions and strengthens your mental clarity? 

Need help getting through a tough time in life?

Want to have your very own signature custom aromatherapy blend? 


Let me design your own organic, pure essential oil for aromatherapy or personal care use.


I believe everyone is unique and should have an essential oil blend that caters to their personality.


By telling me about yourself, I can match up the pure essential oils and carriers to give you the best results. 


Clinical Aromatherapy Counseling

Aromatherapy products are produced by custom blending essential oils according to symptoms using natural essential oils extracted from organic or natural farming plants. Products such as bath salt, blended oil, balms and sprays are selected, customized and made individually. 


Essence.  creates aromatherapy custom blends to match your particular mood or health needs. 


I combine psychological and physiological traits to bring you mind-body balance. 


 My goal is to create that special masterpiece, empowering you to feel proud of your individuality. 


Click on the link to products menu.



This gives me details about what is going on in your life and your scent preferences. 


Recommended for people who:

want to reset 

want to help solve personal problems

stuck and not sure where to go

want to be healed

want to help solve trauma

want to be free from mental distress

want to improve their physical and mental health by using natural essential oils

want to use it for health 

want to know about aromatherapy. 


I'm making natural products with Aromatherapy. 

I'm also making custom blended aromas used in Roll-ons,  balms, sprays, bath salts and more. 

I choose essential oils from over 70 different kinds to benefit the body, mind, and spirit.  Essential oils come from trees, flowers, seeds and leaves. They give us a lot of benefits.  Essential oils are very powerful.  I'm using them professionally for over 19 years and I'm still studying about them. 

I love my work and life with them.





  •  In-person consultations (temp. suspended)


  • Online live  consultations are available to anyone.


*Disclaimer: These recommendations do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any claims to heal or cure.

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