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Nuka (Japanese) is the outer bran of rice. Women in Japan have used its powder to beautify and maintain their much-admired complexion since the 8th century Heian period. 
Rice bran is the only known source of a remarkable skin-brightening antioxidant called Gamma-oryzanol.
Based on scientific research, Gamma-oryzanol helps tone and brighten skin by suppressing the skin's melanin levels. It also regulates the skin's sebum production (sebaceous glands), improving dry skin and fighting skin irritations.
Rice bran is exceptionally high in Tocotrienol, the so-called Super Vitamin E. Tocotrienol is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant, which penetrates rapidly and neutralizes free radicals and is rich in vitamin B Complex, especially B1, B3 and B6. Among its many benefits, B Complex helps skin make new cells and repairs skin damage.


Love Bar Organic Soap NUKA 3oz

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